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"Dr. Clementi is an excellent presenter. She is realistic and understands the teacher's time limitations. She provided us with so many practical, useful tips and is very generous with her resources. Dr. Clementi is a very dynamic presenter-she certainly keeps student's attention! She is the most enjoyable and helpful presenter I've seen."

"This class could not have been better! Tammy was an incredible instructor who made the material fun and easy to understand. I would be interested in taking other courses from her."

"Probably the best class I've ever taken! I really enjoyed Tammy's sense of humor and great personality."

"Tammy is an excellent instructor. I wish we had an SLC like Tammy in our building. She is very knowledgeable and made this class interesting and fun."

"I would take any class from Tammy Clementi. She is energetic and knowledgeable - GREAT class!"

"Thank you for being a terrific presenter." "Great energy, sound research - super real-life approach."

"She was awesome! She's what every district needs at their in-service. Someone who is knowledgeable and interacting too."

"High energy work out!! What a great way to learn!"

"This class was superlative! We want a sequel with Tammy. She is brilliant. She is an exemplary instructor."

"I have three degrees and this is one of the most important classes I've taken in my career. I wish this course had…gone on forever because Tammy is a master teacher and inspirational human being. Give her a big raise!"

"Tammy was GREAT! She was/is very passionate about teaching and what's best for kids. I liked teaching before, now I'm going to love it!"

"I would take any class from Tammy Clementi. She is energetic and well versed in reading and writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was well worth four Saturdays."

"Tammy's enthusiasm is contagious! She presents material in a positive and fun manner! AWESOME class."

"This was one of the most well presented and informative in-services I have ever attended. Great presentation made me want to be at every session."

"Great teacher and presenter! She is real. I love her enthusiasm."

"Tammy-Thank you so much for a wonderful, enjoyable class. I learned so much. Thank you for being so "teacher friendly" and understanding where we're coming from. You're a great instructor."


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